Genç Aydınlatma

As Young Lighting design workshop, “Indoor”, “Outdoor” and “Special Manufacturing Genç; We provide ey Architectural Lighting ”,“ Projecting ”,“ Production ”and“ Sales Service “

In this journey we have come out with light, we propose creative solutions by considering reliable, economical and energy saving needs.

Our work logic is about empathy. we put ourselves in the place of our customers, we take care of the work we take, trust in us and know the value of our customers well know we do not go to work we do not know the best, we do work with our expert teams or partners

We would like to thank our customers, who are working and working as young lighting, for their appreciation.

How we work?

We Are Listening

We listen to your work well before we start work.We listen to your.

We present the work

With the preliminary meeting, we are able to mix and present what you want and do.

We're not breaking

Open a ticket to our customers, wait for the queue, never say, by phone or one-on-one


After the completion of our project,we continue to work with modifications,service.

Let us offer a coffee, let us explain our privileged services, remember Genç Aydınlatma here in Atasehir